Day 2

Bruno sat at a small, wobbly plastic table and stared into his styrafoam cup of surprisingly good coffee. He had already scraped a series of grooves in the sides of the cup with his thumbnail, a nervous tic that he had yet to break. Taking another drink, he did his best to act casual, while his brain hummed along with questions, worries, and more questions. He was clean, that was [Read More]

Day 1

It was early in the morning on the day Bruno was supposed to turn state's wittness, and the bodies were missing. He knew he was in the right place. He had drawn the short straw, and been the one who burried them. Before his current excavation, he was still able pick out the dark spot in the empty lot, where the discolored dirt and gravel betrayed that it had been [Read More]


So this is a thing. The honorable BZWingZero has started a 25k word contest over at /r/shutupandwrite, and for some reason, I'm in. That's about 1000 words a day, all publicly posted, with 3 potential days off. This unfortunately means that I'll actually have to do work. So there we have it. As to what I'll be writing, I've got some shorts I planned to pound out for a [Read More]


This is a rewrite of a short that I wrote a while ago. It's not perfect, but I do like this draft better. It was Take Your Child To Work Day, and Ellie thought her dad had the coolest job there was. They took the elevator up that morning. Initially, she was terrified because she was afraid of heights, but a few seconds after liftoff, curiosity overcame her, and she [Read More]