Dark Souls 2 and Its DLC

I just finished all three of the Dark Souls 2 DLC's. That would be, Crown of the Iron King, Crown of the Sunken King, and Crown of the Ivory King. There are some high points in all three, some super low points, but over all, each one exemplifies the problems prominent in the base game in a condensed form. Namely, that the game was made by people who liked Dark [Read More]

Thoughts on Prince of Thorns

Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence is almost something I loved. I made it all the way through, and it more than kept me amused on my flights and waits in and out of Denver. Ultimately, however, it came across as a talented author pursuing a gimick first, and a story second. Or something like that. I'll try and clarify. Minor spoilers ahead. Prince of Thorns is set in a [Read More]

Day 25

God, I suck at this. This won't make any sense unless you're in my Tuesday night RPG group. Sorry. A city of thieves is being forced to work together to stave off a foreign invasion. Krum made sure he was there first. The Gunni temple was one of the few buildings in the city made entirely of stone, and it was the closest thing to neutral ground that there was. [Read More]

Day 10

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I've got some catching up to do. Here's 500-something for now. Bruno hesitated before dialing. He didn't like giving anyone bad news, but that was mostly due to the sort of people he usually had to give it to. The Murder Mob, as they were known to the local law enforcement, were, surprise surprise, violent. "Cicero Public Library, how may I direct your call?" the receptionist was [Read More]

Day 4

Short no. 1, something about pride goeth before the fall. The doomsday device was never supposed to be triggered. It was supposed to be a deterrant. No sane man would have acted against it, because to do so would mean their ruin. Buttler's mistake, he reflected, was believing that all men were sane. The idea had been simple. Put an end to the spying, the standoffs, the posturing, the saber-rattling, [Read More]